Academic Program

The University Program

MyABCM makes specific solutions for the academic environment available to Universities and other Learning Institutions and the Affiliate Program designed for consultants and partners in general.

The Academic Program consists of offering software and services to educators and learning institutions which can be used for research and the academic environment, enriching the experience of professors and students with Cost and Profit Management. Our tools are light and easy to use.

Even so, we offer specific training for every one of our programs.


To make classes related to Strategic Cost Management more innovative by using specific software and helping students absorb the material to make what is being taught tangible.


The MyABCM Academic Program offers a series of services and tools that present the Strategic Management of Costs, Profitability and Performance in a practical manner in which students can benefit from using a solution which is the global leader in its area. Our company strongly believes that close ties with the academic sector offers advantages and benefits for both sides.

This is the reason this program was created to support participants and encourage the use of the MyABCM solution by professors and students. In this way we seek to get closer to your institution, whether it be by participating in one-off events (academic weeks, fairs, and congresses held by the institution), or by presenting our solution directly or indirectly to students who are involved in using the tool in some manner.

As an associate of the Academic Program, you’ll receive all the benefits of a program specially designed and created for this purpose, and an academic version of the MyABCM solution under special conditions. You’ll receive technical studies and bulletins periodically and can register your institution in our global directory of participants, thus encouraging the exchange of information between institutions.

Using this tool you can create different case studies using a powerful solution that’s already been tested and approved by large corporations all over the world and can make the teaching of Cost Management a practical experience.


The academic version of the MyABCM solution, which includes modeling and analysis tools, may be installed in your laptop to prepare lectures as well as in an academic lab. The MyABCM software is very easy to use – which helps users in practicing Strategic Cost Management. We also have a tutorial that will help students begin to recognize and familiarize themselves with this area using this powerful tool.


As a member of the Academic Program, you’ll be invited to publish your works and write technical articles that will be available to the entire community involved in these areas. Your articles will gain an international profile, because these publications are sent to our clients around the world – and they will also be available on our website.


We offer training for our tool with discounts of 40%. Our training lasts 8 hours and we have training centers around the world.


Our technical team is highly qualified and is at your disposal for presentations related to the Strategic Management of Costs, Profitability and Performance. Our institution has more than 20 years of experience dedicated to this area and our tool has been implemented in over 40 countries in projects specifically related to this area, and many of these case studies and specific real situations are covered in our talks.

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