MyABCM Affiliate Program

Get to Know the MyABCM Affiliate Program

MyABCM, a company of international renown, offers cost and profit management solutions which can be adapted to the specific needs of each business. Based on this, we’ve created the Affiliate Program for implementation partners, and the Academic Program, for universities and other learning institutions.

The Affiliate Program is designed for consulting firms and independent consultants who seek to help their clients by performing diagnostics and conducting projects related to cost and profit management using the MyABCM solution. Our tools are light and easy to use. Even so, we offer specific training for every one of our programs.


  • Specific training;
  • License to use the software for post-training support;
  • Software to use for projects;
  • The Affiliate becomes part of our directory of Global Partners and may be contacted by our clients;
  • Specialized technical support;
  • Support for marketing events;
  • Support in resolving RFPs and elaborating proposals;
  • Elaboration of case studies and software presentations which may be in person and/or via the web.

Academic Program

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Global Partners

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Affiliate Partners