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Process standardization: Learn how to do it and what the benefits are

Executivo de terno e gravata / process standardization

As much as the financial and banking sectors as a whole have particularities in its management, there are departments and tasks that follow the same specificities of any type of business.

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Learn 5 strategies to increase your business’s profitability

Imagem de um teclado com único botão verde com um cifrão para aumentar a rentabilidade / increase profitability

The commercial sector is not the only one that faces challenges when it comes to increasing profitability.

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Mobile banking: Learn about the trends for future banks

mobile banking

Nowadays, mobile banking is becoming the best option for bank transactions for people and companies.

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Open banking: How will it change the financial market?

Smartphone com projeção de gráficos, calculadora e notebook sobre a mesa / open banking

Open banking is a system that allows customers to share their information with other institutions. This way, the user does not have to start a relationship or an account from scratch, as all data are copied.

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Check out the pillars of digital transformation in the financial market

Dois executivos procurando em seu tablet pilares da transformação digital com projeções gráficas / pillars of digital transformation

As technology advances and with an increasingly competitive market, understanding the key pillars of digital transformation has become extremely necessary for those seeking the best results.

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