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How to reduce the manual risk analysis?

Magnifying glass over a sheet with charts how to reduce manual risk analysis

Doing an efficient risk analysis is of utmost importance for business planning. Through this analysis, we can improve cost control, increase profitability and many other benefits to the company management.

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How poor strategic cost management software disrupted Ivan’s life

Ivan em sua sala de reunião bem iluminada pesquisando como um software de gestão estratégica de custos ruim atrapalhava a sua vida / Ivan in his brightly lit boardroom researching how bad strategic cost management software got in the way of his life

If you could ask for advice on strategic cost management to a professional, who would they be? What would they work on? For a moment imagine what that person would be like.

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Money laundering prevention: how to do it?

Executives in brightly lit office on their computers researching Money Laundering Prevention

Prevention of money laundering is a matter of great importance. The term “money laundering” emerged in the United States in the last century. At the time, when a person wanted to give legitimacy to illegally obtained capital, they would literally wash it.

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New data protection law: how to ensure customer experience?

Graphic image of the digital universe with written padlock pixels and a silhouette New data protection law: How to ensure customer experience

With the advancement of technology, the way of doing business has undergone several changes.

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What do you need to know about banking compliance?

People in front of ATM Banking compliance and others in queue

To keep the organization of a company in the financial market, which has such complex processes, it is necessary to implement (and follow) rules, policies and laws.

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