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Business management: 6 tips for making your business successful in 2017

The global economic scenario is still very unstable: financial market indicators have shown some improvement, but it’s still early too early to make certain financial decisions.

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How does high performance impact business management?

How does high performance impact business management

What separates a weekend athlete from an Olympic athlete? The answer is that the latter has a high performance. As such, he has gained physical stamina and prestige to participate in major competitions.

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Business Recovery: Learn how to get back in the black

Business Recovery Learn how to get back in the black

Building a business and staying in the market pose some challenges. Any entrepreneur knows how difficult it is to deal with all the setbacks that appear, especially in the case of financial problems.

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Staff Training vs. Outsourcing: What is more worth it?

people working

The job market has been going through profound changes around the world, and one of the most common clashes is about staff training vs. outsourcing.

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Managing by processes: learn how to apply it to your company

Homem em sala de reunião mostrando a sua equipe, apontamentos de gestão por processo, em um painel manual

The search for efficiency and quality is usually guided by company targets. However, in some cases, it isn’t clear which path to take to achieve them.

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