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Do you know the real need of the budget process in your company?

Duas canetas calculadora sobre folhas com a real necessidade do processo orçamentário na sua empresa

Businessmen from around the world work hard to make their companies more competitive and increasingly gain market space.

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Managing by processes: learn how to apply it to your company

Homem em sala de reunião mostrando a sua equipe, apontamentos de gestão por processo, em um painel manual

The search for efficiency and quality is usually guided by company targets. However, in some cases, it isn’t clear which path to take to achieve them.

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Balanced Scorecard: Know How to Use it in Your Company

dedos tocando as teclas de um notebook enquanto a outra mão faz anotações em um papel utilizando uma caneta amarela com tampa vermelha

Balanced scorecard is a methodology that was developed by professors at Harvard Business School in the 1990s and has changed the way that company directors and managers evaluate their businesses.

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Lean Six Sigma: How your company can benefit from it

Reunião com 5 pessoas sendo 3 homens e 2 mulheres, todos olhando para um painel escrito em papel dados

As markets are becoming more and more competitive, managers need to find ways to make their processes more efficient and achieve better results.

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What’s the correct way to create and analyze KPIs

Illustration of a sheet of notebook with KPI inscription, under a table with pens, scissors and a glass of juice

In the business world, good opportunities arise from correct decisions.

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