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Understanding the difference between profitability and rate of return

Mãos de pessoas segurando e fazendo anotações em alguns papéis com gráfico e tabelas de lucratividade e rentabilidade

Every entrepreneur seeks to earn money when opening a business.

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5 mistakes that drastically reduce your business’s rate of return

Gráfico, mesa e caneta analisando rentabilidade do negócio

Your business’s rate of return is the ratio between profit gained and total investment during a given period.

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How do you calculate if a business has a high rate of return and profitability?

3 pessoas turva no fundo de uma mesa com canetas de bloco de notas de caderno e papel com gráfico aprendendo Como calcular se um negócio tem alta rentabilidade e lucratividade

A business’s rate of return and profitability are not the same thing. Rate of return has to do with time and the speed at which a business gets a return on its initial investment.

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