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5 books that will help you manage your company

5 books that will help you manage your company

To develop your knowledge about managing your company you need books that specialize in the subject.

Since managers have little spare time, a list of current business books can help you face the market’s latest challenges.

This is why we’ve listed in this post 5 books that will help you run your business. Check them out!

1. Principles of Managerial Finance

Lawrence J. Gitman’s book deals with the main concepts that every manager needs to know when planning a company’s finances. This book is used in universities to emphasize the importance of clarity in the processes of your company’s financial architecture.

It’s an excellent in-depth source for professionals in this market. This book also offers an appendix with exercises to help you memorize its content.

2. Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t

Author Jim Collins goes over case studies of various publicly owned international companies that have obtained exceptional results in their respective areas for over 15 years.

Based on this data, Collins outlines six principles for corporate success which he calls “drivers of growth.” He separates them into three related segments: disciplined people, thinking and actions.

It’s essential reading for breaking down internal processes that lead to excellent market performance.

3. Blue Ocean Strategy

This is a best-seller about how to come up with successful strategies in an organization that’s facing stiff competition. Authors Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne deal with the need to constantly seek market alternatives, ranging from innovative products to daring clients.

The main objective, according to the authors, is to bring your company to a calm, blue “ocean,” far from the ferocious, unstable, aggressive and turbulent seas where your competitors are.

With clear language that relies on successful case studies, this book offers the opportunity for managers to acquire a more solid and mature vision of the market.

4. Winning

Jack Welch, the ex-CEO of General Electric, is the author of this work about the challenges of leading, hiring and having a long-lasting career.

Through his clear teaching, Welch uses his experiences as an executive to display basic principles of business administration. He also teaches the reader how to find viable ways to escape complex situations in the business world.

5. The Momentum Effect

This work by Jean-Claude Larréché seeks to solve the age-old business question: how can you develop your business and make a profit at the same time? His response is the result of twelve years of research involving 350 companies from the Fortune 1000 list.

Larréché argues that growth and profits are directly related to client perceptions and engagement as well as the ability to promote strong offers.

Antiquated business strategies are demolished to make way for business thinking that’s a breath of fresh air and appropriate for the current market.

Adding these books to your business administrator’s library will contribute to your company’s management based on a more mature vision of the market and will supply it with the knowledge necessary to plan a promising future for your organization.

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