Anatel has just acquired the MyABCM software application. Through it, the agency can better analyze the cost models of the telephone carriers for regulatory purposes and also better manage its own operations.

An assertive strategic management of costs on Anatel’s part will improve processes in the entire sector, bestowing on society cost benefit optimizations.

MyABCM is a vital strategic decision making solution, and will stimulate competition between phone carriers to be fiercer and more transparent.

Founded in 1997, Anatel’s mission is to promote the development of Brazilian telecommunications by creating a modern and efficient infrastructure, capable of providing communities with capable, fairly priced, and diversified services throughout Brazilian territory.

As it is independently administrated and financially autonomous, it is responsible for taking all necessary measures to service the public interest, and to develop Brazilian telecommunications in an independent, neutral, legal, unbiased, and public manner.

In this context, the MyABCM solution will strengthen Anatel’s capacity to fulfill its stated objectives, harnessing sophisticated computing resources to reveal important and precise cost data.