One of the Equatorian Market’s most reliable institutions, Banco Bolivariano signs contract with MyABCM. With 30 years of customer service excellence, efficient management and ongoing profitability, Banco Bolivariano acquires MyABCM, the tool that meets such directives head on.

With MyABCM, Banco Bolivariano holds in its hands an ampler foundation in Organizational Cost and Performance related decision making and in the development of new and profitable products and services.

Beyond a greater expertise in value creation, maximizing its stockholders’ return on investment, implementing the cost allocation model based on the ABC/M concept, the bank will acquire more precise data on each of its business units and their respective cost bases.
Consequently, it will more assertively manage and control costs in order to improve its processes and optimize operational sizing. Finally, it will be able to measure results with multiple analytical dimensions, such as business units or services, products and customer segments.
About Banco Bolivariano

Founded in 1980, Banco Bolivariano has always aimed to surpass the confidence of its customers and investors. With its personalized services, high servicing and financial performance excellence, Banco Bolivariano unceasingly invests in technological evolution and empowerment.

Throughout its history, Banco Bolivariano has developed and refined a value proposal destined to satisfy the needs of each of its customer segments, summed up in the concept of Banking Professionalism.