Banco de Crédito e Inversiones Chile (Chilean Bank of Credit and Investment – BCI) is one of MyABCM’s most recent clients.

BCI, one of the key players in the Chilean banking sector, was founded in 1937 and ever since then it has been a leader in the Latin American financial market, well known for the carefully thought out selection and application of its technological resources which has leveraged its efforts.

The bank has the challenging task of satisfying and resolving the financial needs of individuals and firms by offering a wide array of banking products and services, and it is constantly seeking to improve its operations, products and services. BCI has selected the MyABCM solution after a careful analysis of the options available to address the firm’s needs in the area of Cost Management.

As Sergio López leader of BCI’s costing project says “Our costing information needs were becoming more and more complex, which is why we decided to implement the global management of the costing project by utilizing the MyABCM solution, which enables us to meet the informational needs of our client areas. MyABCM provides us with, among other things, costing information that differentiates products, channels and segments, as well as key variables that facilitate the bank’s strategic and operational decision making.”

Performance Empresarial has been selected to work on this project. With MyABCM, BCI can now be completely assertive in taking strategic decisions and determining the crucial factors that will lead it to greater efficiency, performance, and profitability.