With globalization, the business environment has become increasingly complex. And the management of strategic aspects in this context requires accurate information on the costs and profitability of the company in order to ensure competitiveness.

To discuss the challenges of this new global scenario, MyABCM invites everyone to a new edition of the event Trends and Challenges of the Corporate World – Cost and Profitability Management, which this time will be hosted at the Sheraton María Isabel Hotel, in Mexico City, on August 28th.

On the occasion, André Sanseverino, MyABCM’s Global Sales & Marketing VP, will talk about the current challenges in cost management.

Difficulties related to aspects such as the diversity of products, services, markets and distribution channels, as well as the increase in indirect costs, constant technological innovations, increase of taxes and reduction of margins, result in a greater complexity in the management processes.

In addition to dissecting these factors, Sanseverino will present solutions to promote a more efficient Productivity Planning that leads to fewer impacts on the business value chain.

In this context, all the attributes of the MyABCM solution will be presented – this is a solution that contrasts with the traditional cost management systems for being more precise, highly flexible and scalable, obtaining information from sources of several databases.

Afterwards, Gerardo Atef, Partner of MyABCM Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean, will demonstrate how to implement this robust cost and profitability management system. Atef will show how to obtain reports using the software and the impact of its use on the comparative analysis of varied scenarios.

Atef will also present to the audience successful case studies on the implementation of the MyABCM cost management software across a range of businesses.

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Trends and Challenges of the Corporate World – Cost and Profitability Management (August 28th)

Speakers: Gerardo Atef, Partner at MyABCM Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean

André Sanseverino, MyABCM’s Sales & Marketing VP

Location: Sheraton María Isabel Hotel – Mexico City

Opening: 8.30 a.m., local time.