Opening of the MyABCM event in Chile. / Abertura do evento da MYABCM no Chile. / Apertura del evento MyABCM en Chile.

In May we were at the CentroParque Event Center in Santiago, Chile at an event promoted by MyABCM Chile to examine the challenges of cost management and its impact on business profitability in today’s corporate environment.

Entrepreneurs in event about cost management. / empresários em evento sobre gestão de custos. / Empresarios en evento sobre gestión de costos.

Chilean entrepreneurs await the opening of the event “Challenges of Cost Management and Its Impact on Profitability”, in Santiago.

The event brought together more than 130 Chilean CEOs, CFOs and Executives with the goal of discussing the actions needed to promote more efficient and assertive strategic decision-making in the business routine.

To explore the theme, André Sanseverino, MyABCM’s Global Sales & Marketing VP, presented the main challenges of cost management in organizations.

Sanseverino talks about cost and profitability management. / Sanseverino fala sobre gestão de custos e rentabilidade. / Sanseverino habla de gestión de costos y rentabilidad.

André Sanseverino discusses the biggest challenges of corporate cost and profitability management in the current scenario.

André addressed the growing demands of customers and markets, both in the national and international scenarios, that require from companies a high diversity and complexity of services, products and their distribution channels, which directly affects the costs and margins of profitability of the business.

Participants were then presented with MyABCM solutions, which allow the segmented view of business costs between products, channels, projects, customers etc., providing a much more targeted and efficient cost management.

Presentation of MyABCM software for cost and profitability management. / Apresentação software myabcm para gestão de custos rentabilidade. / Presentación del software MyABCM para administración de costos y rentabilidad.

André Sanseverino demonstrates the main attributes of MyABCM solutions for corporate cost and profitability management.


Demonstration of software for cost and profitability management. / Demonstração software para gestão de custos e rentabilidade. / Demostración de software para administración de costos y rentabilidad.

André Sanseverino explores all the possibilities that MyABCM’s cost management software provides.

Afterwards, Francisco Corral, Associate Director at MyABCM Chile & Peru, talked about the life cycle of cost and profitability management models.

Corral highlighted the need to have less restricted management systems that allow a wide range of well-segmented and complete analyses.

According to the associate director, having more versatile management software is essential, as it gives the company flexibility in its strategic decision-making, either in the face of established scenarios or to make predictions considering the constant market changes.

Corral talks about cost and profitability management models / Corral fala sobre modelos de gestão de custos rentabilidade / Corral habla sobre los modelos de gestión de costos y rentabilidad

Francisco Corral lecturing on the efficiency of cost and profitability management models.

Corral ended his lecture showing that, by applying multidimensional analyses, companies can align their strategies with market forecasts, performing a much more efficient management.

The businessmen attending the event were able to conclude that only on the basis of accurate information on the costs and profitability of each dimension of the business it is possible to compete in the global business environment, and Corral thoroughly analyzed to the guests the issue of cost management models that allow that differentiation.

Access to the event “Challenges of Cost Management” / Acesso ao evento Desafios da Gestão de Custos / Acceso al evento "Desafíos de la Administración de Costos"

Access to the auditorium at CentroParque Event Center, where the event was hosted.

Events are excellent opportunities to exchange knowledge, and we sure will have many more to come. If you want to keep up with all our participations, follow our pages on LinkedIn , and Facebook be sure to also follow our blog.