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The Chamber of Electricity Commercialization – New Client of MyABCM

The Chamber of Electricity Commercialization (CCEE) Has Just Become a New Client of MyABCM.

CCEE began to operate in November 2004 as the Brazilian government’s new regulatory body for the electricity sector. Given the challenging task of handling the accounting and settlement of the market’s short-term operations, this non-profit organization is subordinate to the National Electricity Agency (ANEEL) which determines the rules and procedures for the commercialization of electricity.

This institution plays a strategic role in the buying and selling of electricity, registering and administrating contracts between suppliers, distributors and consumers.

A task this great demands detailed Strategic Cost Management. This is why they have chosen the MyABCM solution for its detailed Cost, Profitability and Performance Analyses, and its ability to provide simulations of complex scenarios which can be examined with great ease.