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Chatbots: 4 advantages to the company’s customer service

Chatbots: 4 advantages to the company’s customer service

Chatbots, or customer service bots, are software that provide and manage the exchange of messages between customer and company. To do so, they can be installed in different means of communication of the enterprise, such as social media.

Over the years, with the emergence of new technologies, chatbots have undergone great evolutions, and currently there are already versions that rely on Artificial Intelligence. This makes the interaction even more efficient.

Investing in chatbots is no longer seen as mere automation of a routine task, but rather as a necessary process to make the communication with the company faster and more efficient, and to reduce costs as well. With this in mind, we selected the four main strategic advantages that your management may have by adopting the use of this system. Check it out.

1. Cost reduction

In addition to automating processes, the use of new technologies aims to reduce costs in a company, which is something that managers are constantly seeking. The chatbots can be adapted and customized according to the characteristics and needs of each business.

Therefore, this type of software reduces the need to hire employees, and also makes the work more agile and efficient. In addition, investing in a chatbot is cheaper than developing your own system or application.

2. Increase in sales

Delay in service and lack of information are common complaints among consumers, which ends up hindering the purchase process. There are chatbots programmed to assist consumers with product inquiries or any kind of information that influences in their decision to buy or not.

Therefore, when customers are well received and served, and find what they need, there is a significant increase in sales and loyalty rate, as well as a decrease in complaints. Chatbots focused on marketing and increasing sales are already available in the market. They approach the customer in a natural and light manner, engaging them with the brand and performing satisfaction surveys.

3. Agility in customer service

Although they are robots, chatbots do not provide an icy and extremely automated service. The innovations allow the software to approach customers proactively and clearly, avoiding the usual beating around the bush. The answers are direct and available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Therefore, consumers will have no problem if they need information after business hours or during holidays, as their questions can be resolved at the time of request. In addition, some services are done by the chatbots themselves, such as unblocking cards, changing passwords and answering the most common questions.

4. System Integration

Chatbots also make a company’s internal processes easier, and not only in relation to customers. They allow the integration with management systems, such as CRM, assisting in inventory management. With it, the replacement is done faster, since it will be based on the output of a certain product.

Therefore, this technology improves your relationship both with the consumer and the suppliers, and also optimizes internal communication.

Chatbots are increasingly present in companies of all sizes and industries. The growing bet on this technology is a result of managers’ perception on the benefits of using this intelligence. Thus, it can be a great solution to reduce costs, increase your sales capacity and optimize internal processes.

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