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COPPEAD-UFRJ has joined MyABCM’s Academic Program

The MyABCM Academic Program has gained Instituto COPPEAD as a new affiliate.

In continuing our mission of stimulating the practice of ABC/M (Activity Based Costing and Management) methodologies in educational institutions, we introduce our new affiliate: The COPPEAD Business Administration Institute.

COPPEAD is Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) (UFRJ) Business Administration Graduate Studies and research Institute. Conceived in 1971 by a Group of Production Engineering Program professors of the Graduate Engineering Program

Coordination department – COPPE/UFRJ, COPPEAD is the offspring of a project to create, in Brazil, a graduate business school modeled after American graduate business schools.

Since 2001 COPPEAD has made it into the annual ranking of the 100 best business schools of the world, published by the Financial Times. In 1982 it boldly pioneered Brazil’s first long term business executive training program, the Executive MBA, followed by other specialization courses in such areas as Marketing, Finance, Logistics, Health, and Energy.

Through our academic program, the renowned institute will enjoy unlimited access to MyABCM’s solution in its classrooms to teach its Strategic Cost Management and Organizational

Performance related courses. Besides implementation and support, the Application will get students closer to the market’s best practices by preparing them, as interactively as possible through scenario simulations, to confront the difficult challenges of the corporate world.

Having COPPEAD, an institution of such high global academic caliber, as our academic partner comprises a strong stimulus to our continuing effort to further develop MyABCM’s Academic Program, thereby boosting our awareness of the need to make ABC/M methodology practices available to the business professionals of tomorrow.