Cost and Profitability Management Models provide detailed information on costs, processes, services, products, and channels, as well as other measurements that will help your company investigate various scenarios and thus provide guidance for company strategy. At the same time they allow you to make decisions in a process of continual improvement, which will directly influence the Profitability of your company.

MyABCM, together with Gary Cokins, invites you to the seminar “Cost & Profit Management – Perspectives for the Future”

Gary Cokins has dedicated most of his professional career to designing, integrating and implementing systems for business management, including cost management using the ABC/M methodology, strategic mapping, balanced scorecard (BSC), budgeting, and the client’s economic value, as well as risk and value chain management.

He is the author of An ABC Manager´s Primer and Activity Based Cost Management, the latter being a widely read reference which is on HBS Press’s list of recommended reading.

For this presentation Gary Cokins will offer his vision of the future of Cost and Profitability Management



(8:50 –  9:00 am) Introduction – Francisco Corral Q., Commercial Director MyBCM Chile – Peru

(9:00 -10:30 am) Cost & Profit Management – Perspectives for the Future, Gary Cokins, ABC Management International Consultant

(15’) Break

(10:45 -11:15 am) Cost and Profitability Management from a Technological Perspective, Clovis Ribeiro, VP of Engineering&Client Services at MyABCM

(11:15 -11:45 am) Case Study Presentation: A Cost Management Experience, Jorge Ramírez V., Assistant Information Manager at Entel Chile

(11:45 am -12:30 pm) Roundtable Discussion: “Perspectives for Cost and Profitability Management” Gary Cokins, André Sanseverino VP Sales&Marketing MyABCM, Clovis Ribeiro, Francisco Corral


DATE: Thursday, October 6, 2016

LOCATION: Hotel Marriott, Salón Sierra Nevada Iⅈ Avda. Kennedy 5741, Las Condes, Santiago

Confirm at c[email protected]  or call (56 2) 22297690 by Tuesday, October 4, 2016