Diners is an electronic payments company accepted in 185 countries, founded in 1950. We are glad to announce that this company, a reference in its segment, has just adopted MyABCM for its Strategic Cost Management and Performance.

In service companies, the ever growing overheads can, in many cases, be greater than 70% of total costs. The challenge of calculating them correctly demands the use of tools and methodologies appropriate for the job, something not possibly obtained by merely cost accounting. The use of the ABC methodology not only makes a correct calculation of processes and activities, but also traces the costs of products, customers, channels, agencies, and markets a lot easier, not to mention other analytical dimensions, favoring the decision making process.

Diners’ goal is to more accurately and effectively control costing, achieve a more balanced containment of costs, thereby ensuring that the ascertained costing methods do not compromise the organization’s capacity to maintain its elevated service standards, and develop profitable business strategies.

MyABCM fully believes Diners will be one more successful partnership experience, uniting Diners’ leadership in the credit cards and services market with the power of the MyABCM solution’s benefits and functionalities.