One of Ecuador’s largest banks, Banco del Pacifico is MyABCM’s newest customer.

Headquartered in Guayaquil, it was founded in 1972, becoming over the years an ever more flexible and modern institution, solidly achieving leadership in its segment in Ecuador. It is present also in Panama and the United States.

Through the MyABCM solution, Banco del Pacifico shall enjoy greater control over the costs of its activities and processes, and consequently of its products and services, ensuring an increase of its profitability and meticulously analyzing the impact of pricing upon its products, minimizing risks and winning its customers’ loyalty, producing sustainable and profitable growth.

Thus, Banco del Pacifico holds in its hands a tool which makes decision making easier, positively producing business results, being a powerful competitive advantage.

With a management that’s professional, technical, oriented towards the rendering of quality services to its customers, Banco del Pacifico efficiently serves them, offering a fully extended range of products and services.

Embracing its commitment to its customers, Banco del Pacifico has just taken one more step towards excellence in the Strategic Cost Management and Performance, to the benefit of the company and its customers.