It is with great satisfaction that we announce the newest member of MyABCM’s Affiliate Program. We speak of Evello Consulting – Business Intelligence consulting specialists.
The partnership’s aim is to add value to our customers by providing a powerful solution in Strategic Cost Management and Organizational Performance.

An easily obtainable tool which makes cost, profitability, and performance oriented managerial decision making possible, grounded on fast and structured data generation. Customers can also count with the MyABCM team’s unlimited backing and support, with a proven track record of almost 600 Strategic Cost, Profitability, and Performance Management projects.

About Evello Consulting

Evello consulting was founded by Nancy Michaels, with 20 years of experience in performance management projects throughout the world, in various business segments, such as banking services, the military, government, health, insurance, and manufacturing. The company is proficient in ABC/M, performance, corporate business intelligence, strategic mapping, and Balanced Scorecard.