On April 26th, in San Jose, Costa Rica, MyABCM will host the event “Trends and Challenges of the Corporate World – Cost and Profitability Management” to raise the debate about the different aspects involved in enterprise-wide cost management.

As one of the most crucial factors in corporate financial management, costs have a significant impact on a company’s profitability. For this reason, costs are often the first targets for adjustments in periods of crisis or low profitability, so as to ensure the financial health of the organization.

However, in several scenarios this is not the ideal strategy, and may prove to be mistaken. Cutting costs can often be unfeasible or even seriously compromise the business’s productivity, causing a negative impact on profitability, which results in greater losses to the company’s finances.

Having in mind the discussion of alternatives to cost cutting, MyABCM will provide an opportunity for CEOs and CFOs to meet and exchange experiences on the subject. In addition, in a lecture by Gerardo Atef, Partner of MyABCM Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean, and André Sanseverino, VP Sales & Marketing at MyABCM Global, this topic will be discussed, as well the possible analyzes and solutions for the scenario.

On this occasion, the representatives will talk about how to not reduce costs and how leading companies in more than 50 countries address the issue of cost and profitability management; they will also present a practical case on the subject, and reveal how to implement an efficient cost and profitability management in your company.

Check out the event’s schedule here and participate! Also follow the news of the event and the latest from MyABCM on social media.

  • Trends and Challenges of the Corporate World – Cost and Profitability Management (April 26th)
  • Speakers: Gerardo Atef, Partner at MyABCM Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean
  • André Sanseverino, VP Sales & Marketing at MyABCM

Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel – San Jose, Costa Rica