From April 18th to 20th, one of the largest strategic events for CFOs and Controllers from around the world will take place in Hamburg, Germany.
Organized by We Connect Global Leaders, Rethink! Corporate Finance 2018 is a major event that aims to foster discussion on new technologies and trends in business financial management, as well as to encourage the meeting of professionals from large global companies for the exchange of information and experiences in the industry.

As global leaders in corporate financial management software and pioneers in the development of solutions aimed at increasing profitability and making strategic decisions, we at MyABCM could not miss this event!

We were invited by the organizers to make a special appearance, which includes a lecture to be given by our Associate Director, André Sanseverino, and the Managing Director of MyABCM Germany, Philipp Aurich.

In our contribution, we will talk about the latest trends in strategic cost, profitability and performance management, ranging from the analysis of the individual performance of products, services and customers, to the analysis of trends, statistics and forecasts.

During the lecture, we will also share information on the best experiences MyABCM obtained in implementations for clients from more than 50 countries.

MyABCM at Rethink! Corporate Finance 2018 (April 18th, 19th and 20th)

Speaker: André Sanseverino, Associate Director at MyABCM

Theme: How to revolutionize your control

April 20th, at 7h45 (GMT +2)