Fast Shop is a Brazilian chain of luxury electronics and household appliances that was founded in 1986. Distinguished by its sophisticated store layouts and products as well as the high quality of service offered by its consultants and salesmen, who receive periodic training, Fast Shop is the sales leader among upper class and upper middle class customers.

Quality and good taste are fundamental to the products and services offered by Fast Shop. The company operates in the following segments: Household Appliances, Electronics, Portable Electronics, IT, Telecommunications, Tablets, Cooking Utensils and Dinnerware.  In 2008, it launched the first Apple Premium Reseller in Brazil, named A2You. An Apple Premium Reseller is an Apple certified local independent store which is highly qualified to sell the brand’s products. Today there are 7 A2YOU stores located in various shopping centers throughout the country.

With almost 100 stores located in the country’s main shopping centers, Fast Shop felt the need to have a detailed understanding of costs and profitability in order to be able to assertively manage its business. Therefore it chose the MyABCM solution as its foundation for making precise, rational and accurate analyses related to Costs, Profitability and Overall Performance, and simulating complex scenarios with great ease.