The strategic management of costs and digital documentation are common topics today in the entrepreneurial world.
On November 22 at the Centro Educacional UniAbrapp in São Paulo, we will hold a roundtable discussion of this relevant subject. Have breakfast with us and hear experiences related to the retirement segment.

We’ll be waiting for you starting at 7:30 am.
Please confirm your presence by November 17.


  • Alberto Sanseverino
    Executive at MyABCM
  • Prof. Bruno Souza
    PhD in Cost Management from USP/FEA
  • Prof. Rogério Tatulli
    Masters in Administration, Executive at Previ-Ericsson
  • Prof. Vitus Klarmann
    Adjunct Professor at UFRGS and USP SP, Executive at Rede&Imagem
  • Prof. Welington Rocha
    Full Professor at USP/FEA


07:30 – Registration.

08:00 – Prof. Dr. Welington Rocha will begin by talking about trends in cost management.

08:20 – Prof. Dr. Bruno Souza will talk about strategic cost management concepts designed to increase a company’s profitability and rate of return.

08:50 – Alberto Sanseverino will talk about a case study dealing with the application of Strategic Cost Management to a retirement company.

09:20 – Prof. Dr. Vitus Klarmann will talk about trends in corporate digital documentation.

09:50 – Prof. Rogério Tatulli will talk about the benefits of digital documentation.

10:20 – Prof. Dr. Welington Rocha will coordinate a roundtable discussion together with a question and answer session.

11:00 – Wrap up.


We’re waiting for you!

Locale: Centro Educacional UniAbrapp – Av. das Nações Unidas, 12551, 20º floor – WTC, Brooklin Novo, São Paulo – SP, 04533-085

There is parking available.
However, we recommend the use of alternative forms of transport to get there.