Ipiranga is synonymous with tradition and quality, and after 76 years in business today it is the largest private fuel distribution company in Brazil. With almost 6 thousand gas stations, a thousand am/pm stores, and more than 700 Jet Oil outlets, which provide specialized auto services at these stations, it employs over 70 thousand people.

A retail oriented firm with diversified products and services including its virtual store and fidelity program, Ipiranga gas stations offer fuel and lubricants as well as convenience store products.

With this diversification of products and services on a nationwide scale and revenues of 20 billion dollars last year, it has become crucial for this firm to have a tool that makes minute and efficient analysis of cost management and performance possible. For two years, the company tried out another analysis tool, but their analysis project only became a success after MyABCM was installed in a conversion process that took fewer than twenty days.

With the MyABCM solution, Ipiranga can make decisions based on accurate costing and leverage its profitability in a safer and more practical manner – which ends up benefitting both its customers and its stockholders.