Grupo Nova Mix Alimentos, one of the largest food groups in Brazil with over 23 years in the market, recently acquired the MyABCM solution. The group has 7 factories in Brazil and it includes brands such as Queijo Quatá (Quatá Cheese), Leite Glória (Glória Milk) and Queijo Cristina (Cristina Cheese).

With the idea of creating new partnerships and diversifying its sale channels, investing in its partners and even modernizing their equipment, the company required a more accurate mapping of its activities and costs which had previously been handled through the laborious use of Excel spreadsheets, which had not yielded the desired results.

Through a project managed by Argos Consulting, the MyABCM solution was implemented with success, making it possible today for the group to trace the results of its corporate action plans and improve corporate earnings, generating efficient analyses of management, customer service and complete customer satisfaction by aligning quality with price.