It is with great pride and satisfaction that we announce that Imprensa Oficial do Estado de Sao Paulo has received the Mario Covas Award in the public administration excellence category through the strategic cost management project developed with the MyABCM solution.

The award, in its sixth edition, seeks to identify and enrich quality, innovative public administration practices, increasing the efficiency of the state, and improving services to the population.

This year’s edition has received the application of 184 projects, of which the great winner is the project developed by Imprensa Oficial.

Considering Imprensa Oficial’s growth and the increased complexity of its processes, the challenge of improving the management of its costs has emerged, demanding a solution compatible with the company’s caliber. Thus, a project for the strategic cost management with the MyABCM solution was elaborated, allowing the relevant elements of the company’s
financial- economic activity to be structured. Such structuring distributes and organizes the data from the managerial accounting perspective and makes a business performance tracking model available to managers. With this system, Imprensa Oficial has, for instance, managed to unify the vision of the company’s product portfolio, obtain dimensional vision, and optimize costs minimizing data gathering errors, through the integration of the system.

About Imprensa Oficial

Created in 1891, its mission is to provide transparency to the acts of the Government of Sao Paulo through the State’s Diario Oficial. Today relying on over one thousand employees, Imprensa Oficial has gone through many profound changes in its history: from the constraints of having to operate only as a print shop, it became a publisher. It earned the autonomy to act as a news agency, distributing information on the State to other news media, and taking up the responsibility bestowed upon it by the State Government of being its Digital Certification Authority.