The largest insurance firm in Brazil signs contract with MyABCM.

SulAmerica Insurance, a member of the ING Group, is always searching for new ways to project confidence and solidity to its employees, insurance agents, customers and partners. In this context, MyABCM meets all the company’s needs, since it is an ideal solution for optimizing processes and achieving significant improvements in profitability as a result of a strategy based on the precise information generated by our solutions.

With MyABCM, SulAmerica will have an important tool for the development of new products and services and better pricing. Having this precise information readily available provides the basis for implementing profit maximizing strategies that will offer a great competitive advantage.

MyABCM is a revolutionary application with innumerable benefits and specific functionality for your business enabling decision making based on reliable precise information rather than informed deduction. This system allows the user to greatly reduce the distortions introduced by the arbitrary equal apportioning of costs, especially indirect costs.

Ernst & Young was our partner in the implementation of SulAmerica’s conceptual model.

About SulAmerica

The market leader in the insurance market, SulAmerica has been in business for 116 years and currently has 6.3 million customers. It’s a solid company which maintains the highest standards in ethics and sustainability.