With great satisfaction we announce the alliance we’ve established with the Leaders Business Advisors consulting company.
With this partnership MyABCM will work shoulder to shoulder with this company to negotiate, promote, and sell cost management solutions and services in Colombia.
Leaders BA shall fully enjoy MyABCM’s logistics assistance regarding implementation, training, technical support, and technical consulting.

The birth of this alliance results from MyABCM’s analysis of the Colombian market and its possibilities in cost management projects.
We from MyABCM consider Colombia a very important strategic market for our global expansion process, and this association with Leaders BA solidified at a very favorable moment for the achievement of our goals, comprising a strong impetus to our local sales force.
About Leaders BA
Leaders Business Advisors is a young company, comprised of partners and professionals, mostly former Deloitte consulting constituents, who benefit from a broad experience of over 12 years of service to multinationals and prominent companies in various segments.

Leaders Business Advisors offers auditing, internal control, risk and managerial consulting, legal and tax advisement, IT risk insurance, and environmental management consulting.

It counts on collaborators and associates vastly experienced in diverse branches of knowledge and industry. Such experience, when added to its business focus and methodological tools, is available to customers as guidance on matters of structuring, optimization, and control of operations, covering various essential elements of technology, resources, and processes strongly emphasizing the management of projects and of organizational change.