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6 management apps that will drive your company’s growth

6 management apps that will drive your company’s growth

We know that to establish a sustainable development plan, we need detailed planning with intelligent strategies, monitoring and constant control. However, putting this plan into action is another story. This can require a lot of time, which can result in managers losing their way. What many managers don’t know is that there are management apps available online which can help with your company’s operational and managerial tasks. They’re real support tools that make work more efficient and require less time to execute!

So to help you drive your company’s growth, we’ve selected the best management apps for you. Enjoy!

1. Receipt Bank

Tired of organizing infinite numbers of printed receipts to send to your accounting department? With the management app Receipt Bank, you won’t need to do this anymore, because it stores and processes all your receipts and invoices directly from your smartphone or tablet.

This management app converts all these documents into data in an intelligent manner, making the management of your bills and expected receivables easier and more efficient.

2. Moonfruit

Every company needs a decent website, because after all one’s online presence is fundamental for any business. The problem is that creating and configuring a handsome, modern and functional layout can be expensive and complex.

To resolve this problem, use the app Moonfruit. It offers a series of responsive templates for your website and helps optimize the processes that your website executes.

3. DocuSign

Now you don’t have to print a document every time you need to sign it. The app DocuSign makes it possible to sign documents entirely online by using any mobile device. The system is very simple: you save a valid signature and presto, you can sign any type of virtual document!


This is an app that functions using the SaaS system (software as a service): you don’t need to install the program, you can just access the web page and pay a monthly fee, which will vary depending on the number of users in your company (up to 10, 20, 50 or 100) and your storage capacity.

The manager registers the company or the department, adds company users and informs the system who they can or cannot receive tasks from. Then one needs to register the main daily activities and define the priorities. Each project has its own timeline and feedback.

The activities are sent to the employee by the platform which, based on previous history or on information input by the user, presents the ideal date to conclude the project. The platform also estimates when the task will be completed, based on a list of the employee’s remaining tasks. It’s possible to reprioritize a task, which will lead to the system adjusting the rest of the activities.

Managers can access project, team productivity and time management reports daily.

5. Mozy

This app allows you to make backups of all the files on your computer automatically. Better still: you can synchronize the backups with a mobile device so you can work away from the office.

Once installed, this management app begins the automatic backup process for your files, making it possible to recover them is something happens.

6. Float

This app is an important online tool for managing your accounts, including budgeting, revenue forecasts and expenses — and helps you keep your cashflow well organized and efficient.

This system considers trends and financial patterns to make the most accurate forecasts possible. It’s very useful, especially for managers who have difficulty in managing their books.

Whether you need this kind of help or not, these management apps can help you improve your company’s productivity and give you more time to focus on strategic management and business growth.

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