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MyABCM Central Europe Promotes Event in Switzerland

MyABCM Central Europe is promoting an event on the 11th and 12th of October in Stoos, Switzerland, the Performance Management Seminar: The latest trends in Business Process Management and Activity Based Management.

This event will mark the opening of our MyABCM Central Europe operation (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and the introduction of the MyABCM product in this market.

The event will follow the schedule below:

1st Topic – Activity Based Management -What Are the Challenges of Today and their Possible Solutions? The teaching and investigation report of University of Liechtenstein’s Business Process Professor Dr. Jan vom Brocke. Jan is the Director of the Institute of Information Systems and President of Liechtenstein’s AIS (Association for Information Systems). He works as a consultant for several organizations and enjoys over 10 years of practical BPM experience. He is the author or editor of over 13 books, including Springer’s International Handbook onBPM.


2nd Topic Philipp Aurich – How is Performance Management Currently Applied? Topic prepared by the CEO of Aurich Consulting, Philipp Aurich. In this presentation, practical examples from distinct sectors of Aurich Consulting will be expounded. Philipp has graduated in Business Mathematics at the University of Berlin. He has worked as a senior consultant at large corporations and in 2000 he founded AurichConsulting Ltd., which focuses on the automotive, banking, commerce, insurance, telecommunications, and IT sectors.


3rd Topic – How can Activity Based Performance Management Increase the Success of Your Company? Prepared by Clóvis Ribeiro, MyABCM’s VP of Global Engineering.


He will expound the MyABCM solution in ABC/M costing models. At the end of the seminars a debate time will be opened.


Location:  Wellness und Tagungshotel Stoos

Ringstrasse 10

6433 Stoos


Additional Information:

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