MyABCM Corporate Solution has Successful Launch in Various Countries.

The newly released MyABCM Corporate Solution has recently been presented by MyABCM VP Sales & Marketing André Sanseverino in a talk entitled Challenges in Cost and Profitability Management in the 21st Century, which he has given in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, France, Mexico, Peru, Romania and Uruguay. The event has received a very positive reaction from our partners and clients, exceeding all our expectations.

Focused on complex environments, multinational implementations and advanced modeling, MyABCM Corporate is a new tool that now joins the already extensive suite of MyABCM solutions.
MyABCM is constantly striving to meet the needs of the current business environment to help companies ask the most pertinent questions that will help them adjust to the changes of a dynamic market.

Soon we’ll be holding other events. Follow us through our communications channels.