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Inside MyABCM: Check out how was our event in Costa Rica

Inside MyABCM: Check out how was our event in Costa Rica

The Crowne Plaza Hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica, hosted one of several events that MyABCM participated on this year. On April 26th, we were there to discuss with our guests and provide insight into the best practices of cost and profitability management in the current corporate scenario.

André Sanseverino, Carlos Navarro, and Gerardo Atef. / André Sanseverino, Carlos Navarro e Gerardo Atef. /
André Sanseverino, Carlos Navarro and Gerardo Atef gathered for event “Challenges of the Corporate World – Cost and Profitability Management” in San Jose, Costa Rica.

On the occasion, André Sanseverino, MyABCM’s Global Sales & Marketing VP, and Gerardo Atef, Partner of MyABCM Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean, talked about the trends and challenges of the corporate world, focusing on cost and profitability management.

In his participation, Atef demonstrated how companies can intelligently improve their profitability by using a cost management solution.

In addition, one of the main aspects addressed by the representative of MyABCM Central America was the development of strategies and actions that reduce the need for cuts, increasing profitability without impacting the company’s processes and productivity.

Also within this scenario, André Sanseverino shared with our guests how leading companies of their markets in more than 50 countries practice a strategic cost and profitability management.

To demonstrate the possibilities, Sanseverino presented a practical case that illustrates the main actions in this area, showing the step-by-step on how to implement a more efficient and profitable cost management by using the MyABCM solution for cost and profitability management.

In his participation, Carlos Navarro, Senior Manager of PwC Costa Rica, talked about the challenge of converting a local company into a global player by appropriately dealing with costs and managing risks.

Carlos Navarro in a lecture on cost management. / Carlos Navarro em palestra sobre gestão de custos. / Carlos Navarro en una conferencia sobre administración de costos.
PwC Costa Rica’s Senior Manager, Carlos Navarro, talks about transformations in the reality of the business environment.

The event ended with public participation, when CFOs and CEOs from various companies had the opportunity to ask questions and share their own experiences.

The event was a success, and also a valuable opportunity for networking and the exchange of experiences, where representatives from companies from various sectors and countries in Latin America were able to learn new approaches to implement a more efficient cost and profitability management.

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