Given the increase in demand for cost and performance management solutions in Argentina and Uruguay, we announce the creation of MyABCM Cono Sur.
Headquartered in the city of Montevideo, this operation shall be responsible for the distribution of the MyABCM solution in Uruguay and Argentina, a region which has already been demanding a stronger presence of our company on the part of our customers and partners. The signing of the contract is consonant with the company’s strategic objectives in supplying technical support and consulting services, over and above all of MyABCM solution1s presale and supply services in the region.

According to MyABCM’s Cono Sur general director Gabriela Madorno, “MyABCM’s cost analysis solutions are especially suited for the public and service sectors in the markets of Argentina and Uruguay. In the public sector, in national as well as city administration they may effectively contribute by improving the services rendered to citizens, and public administration transparency. Now, in the service sector, of
public as well as financial and retail, cost analysis and management with the use of MyABCM will allow services to be improved, with a reduction in their prices and, consequently, increase customer satisfaction”.

With this initiative, MyABCM once again strengthens its position as a worldwide acting globalized company, establishing a new local base of operations, an implementable strategy in any modern market.