In pursuit of the goal of meeting an ever greater demand for the strategic cost management and organizational performance in the Chile region, MyABCM has begun operating in that country.

Our customers are not the only beneficiaries of our company’s local presence, but also our affiliated consultants and academic partners.

Our customers will enjoy all the necessary technical support in implementing the tool and the affiliated consultants will be able to render to their customers services harnessed to a world class tool, accreting even more value to their projects.

Headquartered in Santiago and operating independently in Chile, MyABCM again establishes itself as a company with a global presence, excelling in meeting its deadlines, in its ethical handling of relationships with customers, partners, and collaborators, regardless of their size in the market.

The focus on the quality of our services is present in all of our company’s business endeavors. We thus progress towards a sustainable growth rooted upon the best market practices, not sparing energies in order to attain such a goal.

According to the Partners/Directors of MyABCM Chile, Francisco Corral and Eddy Gouveia: “MyABCM’s cost analysis solutions are especially appropriate for the various industries of a country notorious for its degree of globalization in the region, which forces companies to be highly productive and efficient”. They add “we have no doubt MyABCM’s solution is a powerful tool for analyzing and managing costs and productivities, improving processes, managing prices, and better administrating the channels. Thus, the quality of our services and the satisfaction of our customers are increased in the context of the Chilean economy, which has applied best practices on this field for a long time”.