Continuing our global expansion process, we have opened a new office in Switzerland. This office called MyABCM AG, will develop strategic actions exclusively dedicated to MyABCM in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria.

The region has been demanding a greater presence on the part of our company due to a substantial corporate interest in the effective strategic cost management, a reflection of a worldwide trend towards this theme, and of the ever more assertive search for answers within this context.
Our company can now offer and distribute its solution in the region with greater proximity to our customers and partners, also acting more vigorously on presales services, technical consulting, tech support, and after sales services.

According to Hermann Stocker, MyABCM AG’s General Director, “as distributors we perceive increased demand for better control of costs. There is a need in organizations for greater transparency in performance control and management – accessible through MyABCM in an unprecedented way. Since the first evaluations we have perceived how easy it is to install, utilize, and perfectly integrate it with report functions and many others of this solution’s incredible characteristics.

With one more local strategic base of operations, we again strengthen our global presence and define ourselves as a world class company, making our tool available wherever it is sought, preserving our focus on the quality of our services and always maintaining ethics on the foreground.