MyABCM Central Europe (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) welcomes Aurich Consulting as its new affiliate. For ten years, this company has specialized in implementing management projects based on organizational performance and activities. As a management consultant, Aurich Consulting has expertise in BI, IT and communications.

Aurich needed a user friendly software to support its ABPM (Activity-Based Performance Management) initiatives, with features that readily meet this ever growing demand in the global market. With the MyABCM solution its customers can also perform simulations, altering parameters and obtaining immediate results, being thus prepared to make new decisions.

“With the MyABCM product we can deliver projects in a much shorter time; with the open database, the entire integration work becomes simple. MyABCM’s fast prototyping solution makes it possible to begin in a smaller environment, suitable for quick approaches and small budgets, persuading the customer of all the functional possibilities using the ABPM method.

We very much appreciate the support we get from the MyABCM team and we are looking forward to such cooperation in the future –   the market has been waiting for a solution like MyABCM for a long time”.

Philipp Aurich
Aurich Consulting, Switzerland