The seminar Cost Management, Profitability and Performance was held at the Marriott Hotel in Santiago, Chile.

The event was presented by André Sanseverino, VP of Sales and Marketing at MyABCM, and was attended by over 100 executives of the country’s most important companies.

Francisco Corral, Commercial Manager of MyABCM-Chile, presented the MyABCM Cost Management solution and its functionality.

The seminar also featured a presentation of the Integrated Cost Management Project case study at Banco de Crédito e Inversiones Chile (BCI) by project leader Sergio Lopez, which utilized advanced concepts of the MyABCM software.

This event gave executives the chance to come into contact with MyABCM’s Strategic Cost Management solution, which enables you to precisely determine costs and profitability in various segments and for various products and channels, providing a solid foundation for strategic and operational decision making.

The interest in a more complete Cost Management tool is a reflection of companies seeking solutions that are more efficient than current cost calculations. The demand for more accurate information has become more and more vital in the current world market.

The bottom line is do you know what costing information your company is going to need over the next few years?