We at MyABCM always value the development of highly efficient, friendly and innovative solutions.
Our products (MyABCM Corporate, Enterprise e Express) provide an easy cost, profitability and performance management for different scenarios and levels of complexity, and for that reason, they have been conquering the world with each passing year.

Thus, we are constantly expanding, and we are happy to announce that last week we have opened another office for our operations, MyABCM Nordic, which is now responsible for our activities in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Greenland and the Faeroe Islands.

The office will be led by Morten Zeihlund, a Danish professional with fifteen years of experience in performance management consulting who is the current VP of MyABCM Nordic.

Zeihlund will be responsible for all MyABCM activities in the Nordic countries, as well as for programs of partners and affiliates with consultancies in the region.

So from now on, our Nordic headquarters will distribute our solutions in cost and profitability management to the countries covered, further increasing our reach and adding another valuable and experienced professional to our team.

Do you want to discover new horizons in managing your company’s resources? Join us and move forward into the future!