MyABCM is expanding its presence in Latin America and has now begun operating in Lima, Peru.

According to the Commercial Director of MyABCM Peru, Francisco Corral Quevedo, “the Peruvian market is very attractive because it’s a leading Latin American country with substantial growth and high standards of quality and efficiency in its services. Its CFOs and executives understand the important role that costs play in strategic decision making, which dovetails perfectly with MyABCM’s functionality and potential, which enables them to develop cost models through which they can manage the costs of their products, services, channels, segments, and clients, etc. as well as improve their pricing. Without a doubt, MyABCM will offer innumerable opportunities for them to first improve their competitiveness, and second align their costing decisions with their business strategies in a more proactive manner.”

Their clients will have all the technical support necessary for the implementation of a MyABCM solution, a powerful system that is used to analyze and manage costs and productivity, improve processes, determine pricing, and manage businesses. Thus it will make it possible to improve service quality and customer satisfaction in the context of the Peruvian economy, which has been implementing best practices for a long time.

André Sanseverino, VP Sales & Marketing of MyABCM, emphasizes the relevance of this new venture. “Our company considers Peru to be a strategic market. More and more Peruvian organizations are realizing the importance of Cost and Profitability Management, but up until now we didn’t have a local operation to support these demands. We arrive in this country with more than 20 years of experience in countless cost and profitability management projects in over 40 countries.”

Peru was one of the few South American countries where MyABCM didn’t have a local operation, even though the company was already meeting the needs of its clients in this region through its Brazilian offices.