EVENT: The Challenges of Managing Costs and Profits in the 21st Century.

To compete in the current business environment, precise information about costs and profits allows an organization to take strategic and operational decisions in an assertive manner. Being able to count on this type of precise and timely information provides a basis for implementing profit maximizing strategies that offer a great competitive advantage.

The diversity of products, services, channels and clients, as well as a series of other challenges such as increased competition, price regulation by regulatory bodies, and the progressive rise of indirect costs together with countless other barriers, have made traditional costing systems and results irrelevant and obsolete, thus making it impossible for a company to obtain the information that is vital to its strategic decision making.

Thus MyABCM, in light of its constant preoccupation with meeting the demands of the current corporate landscape, is launching the MyABCM Corporate solution.

April 23:  Santiago, Chile

June 8:   Montevideo, Uruguay

June 10:  Buenos Aires, Argentina

June 16:  Lima, Peru

June 18:  Mexico City, Mexico

June 23:  São Paulo, Brazil

You can register at the following email address:

[email protected]

During the second half of this year, there’ll be events in North America, Europe and Asia. Stay tuned!