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MyABCM at SAP Forum Brazil 2018

MyABCM at SAP Forum Brazil 2018

On September 11 and 12, at the Transamerica Expo Center in São Paulo, we will attend the 2018 edition of SAP Forum Brazil!

The event will bring together some of the leading representatives in the area of business and business management in Brazil and from around the world to talk about trends and best practices in business management.

More than 40% of our customers all over the world use SAP. This is because the MyABCM solutions integrate seamlessly with ERP, providing a cost and profitability management system that goes well beyond accounting and tax features.

This integration allows a flexible and autonomous management of all aspects related to the costs of business activities. Thus, our customers can create and change scenarios and simulations, and carry out model updates independently, considering variables that directly impact profitability.

This means that financial managers and planning professionals do not rely on our team or on IT consultants to perform an effective cost management, extract advanced reports and even analyze basic and complex business scenarios.

The event will be a valuable opportunity for SAP customers to connect with the modern MyABCM cost and profitability management solutions and to learn how leading organizations in more than 50 countries manage their business’ costs and profitability.

We will be there at the invitation of our partner, SolutioIT. The company has great expertise in the fiscal area and solution integration. SolutioIT also provides consultancy focused specifically on SAP solutions.

As such, it is one of our most important allies in the implementation of management systems for decision-making and cost and profitability management of our customers. Our partnership with SolutioIT allows for the provision of complete solutions with an independent and profitability-oriented management.

If you want to know more about our business management solutions and understand how they can transform your company, do not miss this great event. It will also be an opportunity to get in touch with executives from different sectors and with our representatives!

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