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Presentation of MyABCM’s cost and profitability management software at Rethink 2018

Presentation of MyABCM’s cost and profitability management software at Rethink 2018

MyABCM at Rethink Corporate Finance 2018 / MyABCM no Rethink Corporate Finance 2018 / MyABCM en Rethink! Corporate Finance 2018
MyABCM at Rethink Corporate Finance 2018

In April, André Sanseverino, our Global Sales & Marketing VP, joined Philipp Aurich, Managing Director of MyABCM Germany, for our participation in one of the largest global events on new trends and technologies in financial management, the Rethink! Corporate Finance 2018.

The event was held at the Atlantic Kempinski Hotel in Hamburg, Germany. It was three days of networking, sharing experiences and refreshing knowledge alongside representatives of some of the most influential companies in the world, such as Daimler/Mercedes Benz, Sodexo, Pfizer, Adidas and Microsoft!

Opening of the MyABCM lecture at Rethink Corporate Finance 2018 / Abertura da palestra MyABCM no Rethink Corporate Finance 2018 / Apertura de la conferencia de MyABCM en el Rethink Corporate Finance 2018
Leaders of some of the most relevant companies in the global business environment await the start of the lecture by Philipp Aurich and André Sanseverino.

Rethink! Corporate Finance was organized by We Connect Global Leaders to create a discussion about the innovations that the field of technology brings to the corporate environment, from new management models and BI tools to solutions for cost and profitability management, such as the MyABCM products.

That’s why we were invited to talk about our state-of-the-art solutions, which enable the performance of cost analysis oriented to strategic decision-making, and also about how leading global organizations deal with the issue of cost management by seeking constant efficiency.

Philipp Aurich in lecture on profitability management / Philipp Aurich em palestra sobre gestão de rentabilidade / Philipp Aurich en su conferencia de gestión de rentabilidad
MyABCM Germany’s Managing Director Philipp Aurich discusses trends in strategic financial management.

André Sanseverino and Philipp Aurich were also invited to discuss the latest market trends in strategic cost, profitability and performance management.

The lectures by our representatives ranged from the importance of individual-level analysis of the costs and profitability of items such as products, services, distribution channels and customers, to the analysis of trends, statistics and forecasts based on market projections and business indicators.

Philipp Aurich lectures on corporate financial management / Philipp Aurich apresenta palestra sobre gestão financeira empresarial / Philipp Aurich en su conferencia sobre la gestión financiera corporativa
Aurich discusses the use of systematic methodology and new ways of working with corporate cost management.

In this context, Sanseverino and Aurich addressed some essential issues that allow a more efficient control of costs, profitability and profits, such as:

  • Diversity of products and services, as well as the performance of each of them;
  • Reliability of available information on the performance of business variables;
  • Flexibility and efficiency of the company in the analysis of hypotheses;
  • Importance of planning routine, budget and corporate financial projection;
  • Integration of business strategy with cost and profitability control of the company.
Representatives of large companies check out the financial management software / Representantes de grandes empresas visualizam software gestão financeira / Representantes de grandes compañías revisan el software de gestión financiera
Representatives of global companies attend the lecture by Philipp Aurich on cost and profitability management with MyABCM software.

Among these items, many other corporate financial management issues were addressed, making our participation a rich experience full of exchanges with our audience.

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