MyABCM is proud to announce the signature of a new academic partnership: INSEEC Group is now including MyABCM in its program Grande Ecole and more specifically in the Audit and Management Control (ACG) major.

“MyABCM is indeed the costing solution chosen by INSEEC Grande Ecole to complete the academic program of its ACG major students.  All students attend a comprehensive seminar on ABC (Activity Based Costing) methodology through a case study run in MyABCM. The use of MyABCM in the class helps students comprehend Costing issues and demonstrate the simple and practical use of a tool for cost optimization in an organization, a highly topical subject. Refining students’ education by giving them the opportunity to strengthen the control of Costing through the ABC method is likely to help those who are destined for a career in major national or international organizations to have an advantage on the labor market right out of school. The use of a professional tool such as MyABCM will allow them to be quickly if not immediately operational in an organization “


Coordinator of Audit, Management Control (Business School)   Group INSEEC, one of the first groups of higher education in France with over 13500 students and an annual budget of 120 million euros.  With this partnership, INSEEC strengthens its students’ expertise with today’s major issues: cost optimization.

“ We are delighted to be able to contribute to the learning of ABC method at INSEEC and especially to show students that this proven methodology can be easily deployed onsite through simple software solutions that can be driven by management control such as MyABCM “ – says David Benattar, Partner at MyABCM.

MyABCM is a leading actor in costing and recognized by the market as an agile business solution. MyABCM is used by more than 600 companies worldwide and now helps its customers to improve their net income actively and constantly through cost optimization and identification of opportunities to improve what is really important and relevant for an organization.