One of the largest credit card, financial services, and payment companies of Ecuador has just signed a contract with MyABCM.
Pacificard always seeks technological innovation to bring the best services to its customers, optimizing profitability and benefitting its stockholders.

In this panorama, the MyABCM solution meets the needs and objectives of the company. With this tool, they shall have greater effectiveness in the Strategic Cost Management and Performance of the company’s various products and services with transparency and credibility, ensuring continuous improvement in its service packages, thus making a higher profit margin possible.

About Pacificard

Created in 2003, with all of the experience acquired in 23 years as Mastercard of Ecuador converted into Pacificard, a strong company, capable of offering the best service and the best advantages of the market.

Pacificard’s mission is to offer the best financial services and payment methods. Thanks to its human talent and technological infrastructure, it has the capacity to operate efficiently and offer the best services to its customers, thus optimizing its profitability to the benefit of its employees, stockholders and society.