One of Latin America’s most respected and admired food companies, Pronaca has just acquired the MyABCM solution. Following the paths of globalization, the company sought a solution that could assist it in achieving a better strategic cost management to meet the demands of the economic system, in the context of its ongoing quest for competitiveness enhancement.

Now Pronaca has found a powerful ally: the MyABCM solution. It will thus be able to identify superior strategies that produce a competitive advantage and have the needed data to accrete further value to its customers. MyABCM shall be responsible for providing the support Pronaca needs, playing a key role in the decision making process with precise real time information.

Pronaca is one of the continent’s largest food industries, providing innovative, healthy and high quality food products. It is concerned with the well being and satisfaction of its customers, thus it is considered a model company and a leader in its market segment. With the MyABCM solution, Pronaca takes one more step towards operational excellence.