SulAmérica’s Strategic Cost Management Project was selected for the 7th Annual Strategic Studies Meeting sponsored by ANPAD.
SulAmérica has used the MyABCM system to manage its costs since 2011, and makes its strategic decisions based on the information extracted from this solution.

This initiative, which began in the company’s Controller’s Office and became a case study for Strategic Cost Management, was selected for the 7th Annual Strategic Studies Meeting sponsored by ANPAD (National Association for Business Post-Graduate Study and Research), which was held on June 23 in Brasilia.

Designed to improve the way administrative costs in ‘support’ areas are allocated to ‘business’ areas, this case study presents the “Activity Based Costing” model managed by Rone Melo, Katherine Moraes and Andrea de Jesus of the Accounting and Cost Control Department.

This methodology is being adopted by many companies around the world as they seek to use real Strategic Cost Management as a resource to generate more precise and efficient information to support their decision making, and try to avoid distortions caused by attempts to deduce costs or arbitrary cost allocations, especially in regard to indirect costs.

SulAmérica is the largest independent insurer in Brazil and was founded 120 years ago. It is known for its transparent relationships, ethics and commitment to sustainability. Currently it has more than 7 million customers and offers a diverse array of products and services in the areas of health, auto, industrial, commercial, and personal insurance as well as retirement and asset management.