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Understand the importance of technical support for financial software

Understand the importance of technical support for financial software

Every tool purchase that you make should seek to improve your department’s results. However, many purchase managers don’t pay enough attention to technical support, and as a result, they don’t get the most out of the investment that they’ve made.

One of the reasons that managers don’t get the maximum return on an investment in financial software, without the help of support, is subutilization. Without applying all of its functionality, some problems do not get resolved, possible improvements do not get applied, and controls parallel to the system begin to be implemented, which is bad for a department’s organizational structure.

Find out a bit more about the importance of support in buying a financial tool and why it should be a priority.

Get quick resolution of problems

Software users may face technical problems related to a lack of clarity in terms of its use.

For example, a bug or a problematic integration can impede the release of reports and the completion of other tasks using this tool. This may also occur due to an incorrect action by a user with consequences that may extend to other activities.

Whatever the reason, without support the task of identifying the problem will be more difficult and time consuming. Depending on its cause and consequences, the problem may end up not being identified by the users and manager, and as a result, it won’t be solved.

Increasing user productivity

The fewer problems there are, the more the user team will succeed in working with the tool and extracting good results from it. However, without the necessary technical support, many hours can be lost by employees, the manager and the entire department at once.

This occurs when there’s a delay in detecting errors and correcting them, and some tasks are not automated due to subutilization, for example. In general, everyone becomes less productive in the face of specific preoccupations with software and a lack of complete knowledge in terms of its functionality.

Getting the most out of your resources

If a financial manager wants detailed data about sales, purchases and operational expenses to analyze financial indicators, for example, this can lead to looking for and printing various reports that are not integrated.

However, the software may offer a way to personalize documents and generate just one report, which will cover the necessary information and make it possible to evaluate the desired indicators.

If this resource is not utilized, not only will it lead to a lack of productivity and subutilization, but it will also lead to a lower return for this tool compared with the investment made in it. Thus to get the most out of your financial software, you always need to get the most out of its resources and use it daily in your departmental and managerial activities.

A better user experience

The better the experience for a company’s financial software users, the better its application and return on investment will be. In order to achieve this, you need to rely on technical support and have close and frequent communication with the support team.

This way, the external support team will be able to respond to the company’s demands in an easier and more agile fashion, instructing your employees on how to use the software, aligning its functionality with user needs, and as mentioned above, resolving any problems you have with the tool.

For all the reasons that we’ve mentioned, the offer of this support can be viewed as a characteristic that makes all the difference when it comes time to compare the offered solutions and opt for one of them.

Therefore, technical support proves itself necessary to the efficient application of financial software, given that these tools are normally not developed in-house and therefore require specialized assistance.

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