Purporting to bring students closer to the market’s best Strategic Cost Management and Performance practices, Universidad Catolica Boliviana has just become affiliated to the MyABCM Academic Program.

Through this program, the institution will have access to the MyABCM solution in courses connected to the subject, as well as the support it needs in its use of the tool, resulting in lessons closer the market’s reality, with scenario simulations to boot in the same way that managers use the tool in the corporate world.

The ongoing investigative search for the truth, the maintenance and transmission of knowledge for the good of society, which is one of Universidad Catolica Boliviana’s missions, identify in the practices and usage of the MyABCM tool a cornerstone for teaching Strategic Cost Management and Performance in a way that’s interactive, dynamic, modern, relevant, and current.

We from MyABCM are very proud to know that we’ll foster a more complete Academic training for the field’s future practitioners.