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Want to manage your time better? Look and at these 5 tips!

Want to manage your time better? Look and at these 5 tips!

Every day managing time better becomes more and more difficult. After all, it’s very difficult to reconcile one’s personal routine (family, studies and social life) with one’s professional routine (targets and pressure). To get over this obstacle, we need to take time out daily to plan our day and then evaluate how well we’ve followed it.

Managing your time, in fact, always involves good planning. Many people consider it an obstacle to decide whether to organize their days or view this as a waste of time and just focus on executing tasks.

However, simple step by step planning can resolve this problem and greatly improve your productivity as well as your quality of life. In this post, we’ll offer 5 tips which will certainly help you optimize your time. Check them out!

1. Get organized

Stop a moment and create your routine for the next day, week and month, establishing five daily goals that you need to meet. Divide your activities by the time that should be spent on them and always leave a margin for setbacks and rest.

Always begin with complex tasks and at the end of each day see how well you’ve done. Verify if you’ve completed all of the planned activities and reschedule what’s pending, always reconciling these items with what’s already been planned for the next period.

2. Abuse technology

Technology exists to make our lives easier. Today there are various types of software that can help you better manage your time. Many of them are available on clouds, which makes it possible for you to access them from any location, including smartphones and tablets.

These programs show the time you’ve spent on each activity, the tasks that you’ve completed during the day and the ones that you haven’t, helping you analyze your obstacles.

There are also integrated apps that can help your work. Use them correctly to manage what you need to do. These software programs create reports and graphics. This way, you won’t need to lose time with operational activities, like creating extra spreadsheets.

3. Know how to delegate

Many people fear delegating because they’re controlling by nature or don’t trust the quality of their team’s work. This error will affect the team’s results, because it means executing operational activities in an inefficient manner, leaving no time left over for management activities.

Delegating a task isn’t transferring responsibility to someone else; it’s letting the manager do the strategic tasks. Spend some time teaching someone to reap gains in the future.

4. Learn how to say “no”

You should learn how to say “no,” because this isn’t a big deal. Remember: it’s better to have five activities perfectly executed than to run around completing ten.

Thus you should involve the members of your team, your superiors as well as your subordinates, to find the best manner to solve problems, diminishing pressure and delegating tasks whenever it’s possible and necessary.

5. Rest

Take time out to rest, because it will improve the quality of your life and improve your performance as a whole. Take breaks every hour to check your emails, have a cup of coffee or even look at the social networks. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep. This way, your productivity will be sure to improve.

By managing your time better, you will without a doubt have peace and good professional and personal results, as well as greater clarity and control of your processes.