Case study: Cost Planning



“Given the complexity of the services that our company offers, counting on MyABCM has enabled us to manage costs in a dynamic fashion, making it an important piece in our growth, enabling us to analyze costs per transaction for every process and calculating our profitability per product, channel and client.”

Oscar Alvarez
General Manager
Servipag, Chile


Servipag is a leading company in the billing and payment transaction market, and it was founded in 1990 by two of the country’s main financial institutions: Banco BCI and Banco do Chile. The company aims to support Chilean banking operations and seeks to broaden the services of these institutions as well as execute billing and payment transactions between national level companies (ranging from telecommunications, gas, and tolls to pensions and other forms of payment) and the consumers of their services.
Servipag offers multi-channel services to its clients that wish to effect billing and payment transactions through a network with 361 offices distributed throughout Chile and 1,400 Servipag Express agencies, as well as, which is considered the best billing portal in Chile.
Currently it meets the needs of an average of 3.5 million users who make payments or bill the services of roughly 1,300 companies, with an average of 9 million transactions per month.
Our commitment is to provide the greatest satisfaction to all our clients, by always seeking to meet their expectations, offering quality services that are also simple, agile and secure.


This project arose out of the need to have monthly cost information. The previous model used Excel and was not run on a monthly basis. It didn’t meet Servipag’s need to manage its costs with a view of its clients and products as well as measures of its performance in its various channels. All of this also had to be detailed enough so that decisions could be taken based on this information.
The second challenge was to align the strategies of different businesses and channels by being able to simulate various scenarios. It’s essential in managing the charge for each client to analyze the performance of the client to whom we offer our billing and payment services. We also need to analyze the impact of new projects, analyze transaction cost increases and decreases, and use the best costing practices.
We had to make sure channel and support area managers would be able to manage their costs with a high degree of accuracy. In this way, tracing costs and distinguishing between an object’s costs and received costs were also necessities that our project had to provide.


MyABCM’s planning and cost and profit analysis system was chosen as one of the company’s strategic pillars for managing costs. First, the costing model was migrated from the Excel spreadsheets to gain some immediate advantages, which led to the generation of automatic monthly results without errors due to manual calculations.
The next step was to redo the modeling in MyABCM in order to incorporate relevant modifications that would meet the project’s needs like revising and updating our activities and processes, redefining drivers and including new services, as well as calculating costs per client.


Currently the costing model is run monthly with the complete process, including the loading of the data, taking 1 day and the model’s calculation taking just 5 minutes.
Among the main benefits that have been obtained are the efficient cost tracing of the main expenses with detail per channel, and the monthly contributions of the different clients that use our various billing and payment services by product and by channel.
It allows us to transfer the service costs between the participating areas of the main processes in a transparent manner, such as assigning the support area costs to the various lines of business.

Customized Solutions for Your Company’s Financial Management

Based on our broad experience in the market and our successful case studies in practically every sector, we’ve developed and continue to refine complete and innovative solutions for the strategic management of costs, profitability and performance. Our products have been created to meet the specific needs of each client.


Bardhal promax

A leader in automotive fluids, additives and lubricants, it uses MyABCM to identify opportunities to optimize its profitability.
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corporacion aceros arequipa

Corporación Aceros Arequipa
A Peruvian group founded in 1964 which is a now a leader in the steel industry, it produces and distributes steel bars to the machine and construction industries and uses MyABCM to trace opportunities to reduce and optimize costs.
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Cadbury – Grupo Peñafiel
One of the largest beverage companies in Mexico, having been in business for 60 years, it uses MyABCM to analyze the profitability of delivery routes, markets, brands, channels, regions and clients.
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corporacion maresa

Corporación Maresa
One of the largest corporate groups in Ecuador with most of its businesses oriented towards the automotive sector, it has installed MyABCM‘s profitability software in several of its business units.
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qualtia alimentos

Qualtia Alimentos
A food company founded in 1972, it makes and commercializes meats and cheeses in over 40 countries and uses MyABCM to periodically identify opportunities to improve profitability.
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Alcyon is a French leader in the distribution of medicines for animals, food and equipment.
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A provider of broadband internet access and telecommunications services, it offers integrated telecommunications, IT and TV services to residences and offices in Lithuania and uses MyABCM to analyze costs.
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The largest wholesale distributor in Latin America, it uses MyABCM to help it view the profitability of the company’s main business areas.
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Unimed-Rio was created by and is run by doctors using the best practices in medicine. It seeks to achieve the highest level of excellence in its services for the largest number of people.
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Hospital Metropolitano de Urgência e Emergência

Hospital Metropolitano
Reference in the health sector in northern Brazil, it uses the MyABCM tool to help it manage hospital costs.
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visa vale

Visa Vale
A company in the Visa group and a leader in the electronic card benefits sector, it has 60 thousand company clients and uses MyABCM to detail its indirect expenses per Product, Channel and Client.
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The MyABCM solution helps this Chilean leader of the financial payment and transaction segment to plan the cost and profitability of each of the services that it provides.
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Carrefour Soluções Financeiras
Present throughout Brazil, the Grupo Carrefour uses the MyABCM solution to know exactly how much to charge to maintain and grow its customer base, a fundamental strategy for the group’s growth in this country.
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A division of Intermarché groups, focused on IT services, utilizes MyABCM for strategic costs management by activities.
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Coopmil is a non-profit financial cooperative aimed at promoting the well-being of cooperative families by providing the best cost-benefit in financial and social products.
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MyABCM contributed significantly through its OLAP reports, allowing the interactive visualization of both Costs results at a Strategic level, Operative and Administrative.
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Contecon Manzanillo SA de CV
Is a Subsidiary of ICTSI (International Container Terminal Services, Inc.), a Filipino company founded in 1987. ICTSI has a presence around the world with 32 terminals.
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GOING (Global Operations International Group)
The companies that make up the group specialize in providing security and efficiency through their infrastructure.
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imprensa oficial sp

Imprensa Oficial do Estado de SP
One of the most traditional and respected organizations in Brazil, it uses MyABCM to analyze costs in various dimensions like Product, Client Type, Sales Channel and Sales Type.
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A public company located in Riga, the capital of Latvia, it uses MyABCM to know in detail the costs of the services it provides and to analyze individual results for its various business units.
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UTE is a company of the Uruguayan Government, whose action includes the whole electric power supply chain for the country.
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